Security in the Mediterranean: challenges and constraints


The Mediterranean region is considered one of the most dynamic regions in the world, geopolitically, strategically and securely. Although it represents a distinct and unified geographical space, it is a region that witnesses civilized differentiation, political difference, and cultural and social contradiction. These differences have led to the emergence of many threats and security challenges of different nature, sources and influence, from traditional threats such as armed conflicts and political disagreements among the region’s countries, the competition of major powers such as the USA, Russia and China, and the competition of regional powers such as France and Turkey, in addition to asymmetric challenges such as international terrorism, transnational organized crime of various forms and illegal immigration… etc., especially after the events of the Arab Spring in many Mediterranean countries, such as Libya and Syria, the challenges and dangers that followed have become threatening to the region.

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Mediterranean Center for Strategic Studies: an institution of strategic thought and planning that is based on preparing estimates, providing consultations, and managing research projects on the Mediterranean and its regional and international interactions.

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