Union for the Mediterranean: Background and Challenges

Security issues in the Mediterranean take on great importance not only because of the strategic location of the Mediterranean basin connecting three continents Europe in the north and Africa in the south and Asia in the east, which made it acquire strategic and economic importance as either a crossing or as an important resource for natural resources, but also because of the dynamism of the Mediterranean security issue Because of this important location, the security of the Mediterranean is linked to the security of the continents surrounding it.
This prompted European countries to reassess their foreign policies, especially with the countries of the southern Mediterranean, by developing new strategies based on effective cooperation within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.
From this standpoint, this research paper seeks to study the background for the emergence of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership within the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean project and to discuss the reasons for European countries adopting this policy, and to monitor the most important challenges facing this project.

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