The European Union’s Mediterranean Policy Within the New Security Arrangements


In this research paper, we will try to examine the explanatory ability of the major theories in international relations over the response of the security policy of the European Union with the challenges sweeping Europe internally, then the reflection of the security challenges facing the southern Mediterranean region on the European Union, and these new security threats have imposed themselves after the end of the Cold War We witnessed at this stage an eruption of internal conflicts and a crisis in the conditions in the southern bank of the Mediterranean – the emergence of terrorist organizations “the organization of the state”, the refugee crisis, the failure of states – not to mention the Arab mobility experienced by the people, which made this threat spread out of its regional borders Since the end of 2010 in Libya and Syria, all countries bordering the Mediterranean, which has made the European Union as a normative force in the Mediterranean and one of the prominent actors in global politics, it views with great concern the turbulent security environment in the Mediterranean region as constituting the emerging security dilemma in the words of “Robert Jarvis”.

Key words: Grand theories, Euro-Mediterranean relations, non-existential threats, the European Union, levels of analysis, security.

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