The Role of the Atlantic Alliance in the Engineering of Mediterranean Security: A Case Study of the Mediterranean Dialogue

Abstract :

This study aims to analyze the role of NATO in achieving regional security in the Mediterranean region, by focusing on the case study of the Mediterranean Dialogue, because it formed one of the frameworks on which NATO relies to achieve security and stability in the Mediterranean region.

The Mediterranean Dialogue Initiative was launched not only from the idea of ​​the strong interrelationship between security, European and Mediterranean stability, but also in order to deter and confront the various security threats that would affect the interests of the coalition countries. From this perspective, Mediterranean security occupied an important place in the new strategic concept of NATO and in its expansionist policy seeking domination and new areas of influence.

The study concluded that the dialogue is a unilateral initiative that has devoted a kind of dependency rather than a winner / winner type.

Key words: Atlantic Alliance, Dialogue, Security, Mediterranean.

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