The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership as a Proactive and Preventive Strategy in Confronting Security Threats


In this study, the problems of security threats in the Mediterranean basin, especially those that occurred after the end of the Cold War and its repercussions, have been highlighted to this day, and the focus is directly on the Barcelona 1995 path of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership in its geo-political and economic context at the international and regional levels, And that coincided with the emergence of a set of threats, perhaps the most important of which are international terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, environmental degradation, and clandestine immigration.

All these bets had repercussions on the cooperation and partnership relations between the European Union countries on the one hand and the southern Mediterranean countries on the other hand, as they led the Mediterranean countries as a whole to increase interest in the social and economic conditions that threaten stability in the region as a whole; As well as encouraging and upgrading security partnership requirements from confidence and security building measures, as well as calling for areas free of weapons of mass destruction, and disarmament; In addition to strengthening preventive diplomacy and crisis management procedures, all are strategies aimed at perpetuating political and security stability in the region.

key words. The political and security basket;  The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership; Barcelona route;  International terrorism,  security threats.

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