Geographic dimensions of the Libyan crisis on the security of the Mediterranean district


   The Mediterranean Sea on its northern and southern shores faces a range of threats, often multifaceted  with the objectivity of terrorism and the proliferation of armed groups in repeated facts from terrorist groups and militias often involved in illegal activities such as drug trafficking and hostage taking, in collusion with criminal organizations, their role Along the eastern and western Mediterranean region, at an intersection and linkage with the Sahel-Sahel region.

The security situation in the Mediterranean region is deteriorating in a progressive manner, as instability appears to extend to all regions of the region and what happens in Libya is open to happen in any region, regimes that have not achieved sufficient stability, and thus stability in the Mediterranean in the form of foggy, which called for international intervention in response to the time situation In Libya and the outputs of the conflict over neighboring countries and European countries, the region remains a priority on the agenda of the international community.

Keywords:: Libyan crisis, insecurity foreign intervention Mediterranean region.

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