The Western Mediterranean between security bets and active powers


The speech of threats coming from the south in the west contributed – and on a large scale – to forming and building a public opinion convinced of this, and thus the mediterranean basin became the dividing line between the north and the south in the global system, which is – in fact – more than merely dividing lines, but extends beyond it to break between a northern region made up of southern European countries, the Latin Arch sees its future in the European Union, and no security problems are known among them, and a southern region made up of divided Arab countries subject to a chaotic retreat, which are exposed countries and their military capabilities are limited. What the article attempts to discuss is to provide a comprehensive description of the security environment in the western Mediterranean in terms of identifying the existing threats and focusing on the interpretation of the threat thesis coming from the southern bank, then clarifying the multiplicity of existing perceptions and perceptions and their impact on the region in general.

Keywords: Mediterranean Sea; Western Mediterranean; threat; security environment; active power

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