Evolution of the Concept of Security Through Thinkers and Perspectives of International Relations


Following the evolving process of international relations shows clearly that the premises of international politics have been always ever changing, in harmony with the anti-static international nature, and the need to provide tools and concepts that can grant sufficient explanation, logically and convincingly, to all events internationally. As the security is one of the concepts that goes concomitantly with the former view of change, it is certainly, one of the main concepts influenced by international politics course, as it is always changing due to several causes, like threats, in particular, that’s why it is constantly changing, not just limited to one definition, given to the way of analysis approaching it, and the variation of paradigms with which it is in sighted, especially with the fact that security studies theorists ascribe this change to the constant altering of ways of analysis presented by international relations and security studies scholars. Accordingly, the concept has been given many definitions for a convincing conception, which resulted in several definitions, both global and integrated, to form, at last, a mature conceptualization of the security, which has been always controversial. 

Keywords: The concept of security, international relations perspectives, security studies, human security,securitization 

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