New Security Threats in the Mediterranean Region: Implications and Repercussions


The Mediterranean region faces interlocking and difficult security challenges, in its various geopolitical circles. The continuous change of events and their connection to certain timing have led to the emergence of new variables that affected the level of security studies. This change in the Post-Cold War, especially in the Mediterranean region which has recently become a focus of international attention arena, due to the different security threats, including the traditional ones inherent in the countries of the region, and new security threats mainly represented in: organized crime, terrorism, and the growth of illegal immigration. This study seeks to analyze the content of security threats in the Mediterranean and the extent of their repercussions regionally and internationally. Either in term of transmission, or in the base of the importance to become an attracting and influencing factor in the policies of regional and international powers towards the countries of the Mediterranean region.

Key Words: The Mediterranean region, Security threats, Organized crime, Terrorism, Illegal immigration.

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