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Factors Perpetuating The Security Dilemma in The Mediterranean Basin

Abstract :

Throughout the history, the Mediterranean basin has been considered the meeting point of many civilizations and a space of interaction between different identities and cultures either in a cooperative or conflictual framework. The geography of the Mediterranean sea and its natural and human  sources that are eligible for nation-building have also played a vital role in aggravating conflicts among the coastal states as well as attracting foreign powers that mainly seek to realize their interests in security and non-security alliances and partnerships.  These have led to the appearance of many challenges that have prolonged the security dilemma that the Mediterranean basin has suffered since the ancient ages.

Despite the abundance of approaches and methods that seek to find solutions for these challenges that this region suffers from, there is a necessity for developing a unified comprehensive vision, based on building the foundations of complete development, which takes into account the differences and the disparities between the two sides of the region.

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