Asymmetric security threats in the Mediterranean: reality and coping mechanisms


The Mediterranean region constitutes one of the geopolitical areas that arouse the interest of regional and international powers, especially in the period after the Arab spring, not in view of the interactions that produced it, but on the basis of calculations related to the new international interest and the links of the parties and external forces that have come to have aspirations in the regions, and the transformations that resulted globalization and multiplicity of risks have turned the region into a hotbed of security threats as a result of the repercussions of the strategic importance of the geographical location, the availability of economic potentials , in addition to the effects of transnational conflicts and the fragility of political systems as well as the internet security challenges.

 Therefore, this article will attempt to address the impact of asymmetric security threats on security in the Mediterranean, by monitoring, analyzing and monitoring the nature of those threats (illegal immigration, international terrorism, organizations) and highlighting their impact on the security of the Mediterranean, especially since the turbulent environment of the latter has left a state of insecurity stability and insecurity.

Keywords: Analog security threats, security challenge,the Mediterranean, reality, coping mechanisms

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