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      February 25, 2023

      Migration and the new European Security in The Mediterranean

      ABSTRACT:  The European approach to the nature of transnational threats and threats from the southern Mediterranean has changed due to…
      February 25, 2023

      Factors Perpetuating The Security Dilemma in The Mediterranean Basin

      Abstract : Throughout the history, the Mediterranean basin has been considered the meeting point of many civilizations and a space of…
      February 25, 2023

      The European Union’s Mediterranean Policy Within the New Security Arrangements

      Abstract  In this research paper, we will try to examine the explanatory ability of the major theories in international relations…
      February 25, 2023

      Union for the Mediterranean: Background and Challenges

      Abstract:Security issues in the Mediterranean take on great importance not only because of the strategic location of the Mediterranean basin…
      February 25, 2023

      The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership as a Proactive and Preventive Strategy in Confronting Security Threats

      Abstract:  In this study, the problems of security threats in the Mediterranean basin, especially those that occurred after the end…
      February 25, 2023

      Security Engineering in the Mediterranean Between Security Mechanisms and Development Projects

      Abstract: Many countries and regions after the Cold War witnessed a state of insecurity and instability, and among these regions…

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